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 Points, Rewards and Punishment

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Points, Rewards and Punishment Empty
PostSubject: Points, Rewards and Punishment   Points, Rewards and Punishment EmptySat May 31, 2008 10:11 pm

The point system will remain pretty much the
same. I remind you all that our stock is very limited right now but
we're already working on getting it back up again.
Remember to place
your requests in the Trade points here thread in the Guild Treasure
section. Also, our castle drops Talefings, Lords Knife and Jammars. If
you have need for any of those once we get a better stuck of them,
we'll sell for 30million outside of guild, and to guild members that
need, we'll take a "donation" of sorts, any amount above 5 million zeny
is fine, same goes with the megingards if u need, that money will go
towards the fund of getting better stock to the guild.

~*WoE Points*~

+0 absent.
+1 late for over 10 minutes.
+2 attend.
+2 addition bonus for coming to WoE 3 times in a week.

Misses WoE for 1 week = -3 and ur star been reset
Afk during WoE or Dual without permition = -2
Loss castle during woe = -1 for all member
No castle = -15 for all member
Insulting in Guild = -20
Not Listening commands or not follow the strategy during WoE = -2
Spamming in Guild = give warning 1st, still spamming -5
Begging in Guild = -15
Begging in Town/PvP = -10
Scam = Expell without care ur Points
WoE in a month = Expell for being inactive (Unless it was an emergency
and you notified us in which case we just "Freeze" account)

5 points = elite weapon
*8 points = +10 item (normal plain every day items like mufflers and guards etc)
10 points = EQW/BH/1B
*30 points = Token (Right now "easiest" to get is cream due to our castle being Kriemhild, still the drops are random)
*40 Points = GTB
*55 Points = AAW
*60 Points = AW
*65 Points = MW
*70 Points = OW
*80 Points = SCW

some of you already know, EZ Server has been through some rough times,
meaning item wipes and rollbacks, therefore the market right now is
suffering making some items more hard to get than they should be,
therefore the items marked with the * simply means they will be hard to
get and that if you do request one, its all subject to the availability
in the market. Thanks for your patience

1 Month Woe without
absent = Open TB for a day Very Happy (If we happen to have more than 1
castle at the moment of redeeming this reward, you may choose 1 castle
and take all the loot from it, but not for both)

And The last, if ur total points is -1 = Expell Very Happy
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Points, Rewards and Punishment
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