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 How To Trade Ur Points

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How To Trade Ur Points Empty
PostSubject: How To Trade Ur Points   How To Trade Ur Points EmptyWed Mar 19, 2008 9:24 am

Ok, now we talk about ur points.
Ur points will posted in forum, at Guild Improvement session, so u need account here.
The post will update asap,1 day or max 3days after WoE.
How to Trade it?
Dont Pm me in Game, sometimes i so busy, so cant remember ur order.
Send me message here, so i know what u want to trade, and i can suplly it for u.
For the Uber Card, its depend our stock, so if its out of stock, u must be patient for a while to got it.
For Tokens, its depend our stock too, and depend what Castle we got ^^, so go for Kriemhild guys,lol.
And for the wings or the donate stuff, please tell me 1 week before u wanna trade, so i can suplly it for u.
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How To Trade Ur Points
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